The Sinuous Chair

The Sinuous Chair is a dynamic seating experience that engages with your body's contours. Its final form is realized when your body is cocooned by the amoebic arms woven through the seat's metal frame. The undulating arms are intentionally left free at their ends, striking an intriguing balance between deliberate structure and unexpected randomness. The design is a tribute to the intricate yet chaotic beauty of natural forms.

The chair's construction explores the convergence of hard and soft materials, a textile technique that is both innovative and visually striking. The steel frame serves as a sturdy warp for the noodles to be woven through, resulting in a dynamic and fluid form that celebrates the possibilities of contrast.

This piece was created in my final year studying Furniture Design at RISD. In 2016 it was showcased at ICFF in New York City as part of "The Narrative of Making" exhibition and was also featured in Dwell, Design Milk, and Core77 articles. 

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