Hello, I'm Noelle Antignano.

I was born and raised in New York where I developed a passion for art and design at a young age. That passion drove me to study at the Rhode Island School of Design where I majored in Furniture Design. After graduating, I moved to Texas to take a role as a Designer in USAA’s  chief design office.

I believe a good designer is someone who can successfully apply the process of design to any material. Moving between physical and digital design has helped me refine this process.

Studying furniture design taught me to execute my designs by requiring I spend just as much time refining precision fabrication skills, as I did designing the piece. The precision and attention to detail required for hand cut joinery, perfectly machined connections, and clean welds, transferred seamlessly to uncovering all the necessary components of a problem and conveying that into conceptually sound pixel tight designs.

The biggest difference going from product design to experience design was not being expected to execute the designs, we had a team of developers for that. I began studying front end development, but realized that learning to foster a good partnership with developers would yield a better result than trying to do it all myself.

When I joined USAA’s design office it was a 30 person shop that was striving to modernize a nearly century old company. Over the past few years it has evolved into a nearly 300 person design organization that’s successfully helped integrate the design process into business practices. This experience has shown me that design can be a powerful catalyst for change, but only if you can bring all your partners along with you through the design process.

At this point in my career, I’m looking for work that will challenge and evolve my design process.